Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pyramid Prototypes

Two Pyramid Purse Variations - the floral one includes a Candy Twist variation - the geometric one is larger without a decorative variation/

For the Candy Twist - assemble pre cut strips of fabric.


The two print variations become the centre of the twist effect.

The Candy Twist is sewn into the pink strips to "sandwich" the seams together.

Line up all the strips to be joined - you will need to squares for either side of the zip.

Stitch across one end of the inserted pleats in one direction.

The sew across the other end in the opposite direction so that the pleats must twist.

So, with either pyramid variation - when you insert the zipper - sew it fax down on the right side of the fabric.

Add the other side of the fabric square to the other side of the zipper.

And here is the zipper inserted in the main fabric.

Fuse on the pellon - to the wrong side of the main fabric - I cut the pellon shape smaller - so that it avoided the zip area.

This pink print fabric is the lining for this purse - attach it to the zipper - effectively 'sandwiching" the zipper between the main fabric and lining.

Here is the lining fabric pinned on top of the zipper.

Sorry that my photos are incomplete - camera difficulties - however .......

When the lining is attached to either side of the zipper - the lining and the main fabric are treated as two separate  pieces- you then have to sew them following the directions in the Feisty Stitcher Book. Here are a few links that may also help...

This one has a good photo of treating the bag and the lining separately - but she does add extra fabric for the zip ends - not completely necessary

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Out with the old ....

And in with the new ....

Snazzy geometrics - and Organic Cotton - win win!


Riding on the enduring popularity of the owl ..... our Year 9 students completed some little owl cushions. They made one for themselves and some made an extra one that we donated to our local Children's Hospital. A quick, easy and happy little project. Great work girls!

Friday, July 26, 2013


A soft furnishings project for Year 9 Textiles Technology. Inspiration and instructions from Living with Punks - thank you!!

Students are required to incorporate block printing, quilting, pleating, piping and a zipper.

Using stitch #86 - a "hand look" running stitch - one of my favourites! Quilting a panel for part of the side.

Used a variegated thread.

Pleating two sections for the side.

Mexican pleating

I have a great handout about making continuous binding from a rectangle of fabric.

A 35cm piece of fabric made over 12metres of bias strips 25mm wide!

Making the piping. This is very thin cord - I didn't need a zipper foot.

Two end circles and handle have been piped.

Adding a zipper.

Handle attached.
Organising and designing the side panel.

Side panel all stitched together and attached to circle ends.


My pouffe doesn't have the block printing feature, looking forward to the student's end products!! This was filled with a mixture of wadding, stuffing and old towels and old clothing - it takes alot of filling!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Eco filling Australia

I received a sample pack of environmentally friendly fibres, filling and stuffing for the hobby craft, homewares and sewing community from Melissa at Eco Filling Australia.

What a great idea!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Things

With the new school year in full swing .... my sewing energies have been directed elsewhere ... so just a few little things to show.
I have made the zippered cases previously ... this is for our Year 9 students at school, their first little project to hold their sewing equipment. I've done a Step by Step guide to making these, if you'd like a copy just let me know.
Then, an oven mit for a housewarming gift for a friend - also made these before- using IKEA fabric and insulated batting.
Finally .... curtains - metres and metres of straight sewing - oh yes - what fun!!! I know these windows look much better without the curtains, but privacy is required.

It may be some time before my sewing momentum returns .... all good things .......